Checkout the AMA #2 and other Updates

Checkout the AMA #2 and other Updates

In case you missed it, In last week's #AMA we discussed how the factory pattern gives flexibility in testing the app, the difference between request.form and request.values and how we can check the status of a mysql server.

I also got two great questions by student Ivan Bodnar regarding using raw SQL queries versus using the ORM and what's my impression of the thought that Flask applications can slowly evolve to become Django applications.

Check it out here.

Remember that these happen every Friday at 5pm GMT, 12pm Eastern, so that you can ask any question or want to share with me issues in your code or applications. To get a reminder, subscribe to the channel and turn on the little bell for live notifications.

In other news, I have finished writing the material for the Python Introduction for the new Introduction to Flask Course and I think it's coming out so good, I will make it a stand-alone course in Udemy. I will give you guys a free coupon when that comes out.

Talk soon!

-- Jorge (@fromzeroedu)

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